#iTeachDigital Seminar

October 12, 2017

Indianapolis, IN

Ivy Tech Community College North Meridan Center, Room C4 118

50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46208

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Are you ready to promote student learning through meaningful digital integration?

All grade levels. All content areas. All technology backgrounds.

#iTeachDigital seminars focus on delivering practical hands-on learning experiences to empower educators to move beyond their current technology literacy levels and inspire student innovation. Designed to provide maximum instructional impact, participants will explore and create with multi-platform resources that are proven to support best practices for inspiring creativity, collaboration, and student voice and choice.

What You Can Expect:
Hands-on exploration of the best digital resources (and they’re FREE!)

Practical implementation ideas across grade levels and content areas

Assessment tools that save time, engage learners, and provide valuable feedback

Student collaboration platforms to encourage active participation

Exposure to vast resource libraries for immediate classroom use

Grow your #PLN!
Part One: Unleashing Creativity: Making Learning Visible

Explore applications that empower teachers and students to create dynamic learning opportunities. This session will leave you with the tools you need to captivate your students by transforming your instructional approach, all while providing ways for students to take content creation to a whole new level. Redirect accountability and promote higher-order thinking to develop a more learner-led environment.

Part Two: The Secret Superpower: Enhancing Formative Assessments

Formative assessments provide teachers the opportunity to evaluate student achievement and guide future instructional decisions. It’s like x-ray vision into where students may be struggling so that the proper support can occur and every student can succeed. In this session, we will explore a variety of tools to examine student progress and support deeper conversations. We’ll identify resources that provide and adapt digital tools for assessment that are compatible and appropriate for every learning style. With access to immediate feedback, explore innovative ways to measure student strengths, analyze your data, and personalize instruction.

Part Three: Joining Forces: Encouraging Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are essential skills necessary to contribute in today’s society. In this session, we will explore several platforms that facilitate cohesive learning environments with multiple contributors of content. Create collaborative web spaces to collect and share content while providing peer and teacher feedback opportunities.
All grade levels. All content areas. All technology backgrounds.

Regardless of your device environment (Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, 1:1, BYOD, or even a single classroom device), be inspired and empowered with #iTeachDigital to successfully integrate technology into your instruction.

This innovative professional learning opportunity is proven to provide teachers with immediate implementation ideas and the confidence to put them into practice. Whether you are a teacher, digital coach, or even a principal, if you’re ready to dive deeper into digital learning, this training is for YOU!
Alicia Lokovich, Technology Integration Specialist

Alicia is a former classroom teacher who is passionate about guiding educators to reach beyond their current digital literacy levels to engage learners. Recognized for her enthusiasm, knowledge of technology applications, and natural presentation ability, her experience in a 1:1 . Attendees leave her seminars feeling confident and empowered to create transformational learning opportunities for their students. As a Level 1 and 2 Google Certified Educator, she is committed to ensuring your #iTeachDigital seminar experience is purposeful and empowering.
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